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Removing Hidded Devices on PC
How to remove hidden devices on a PC ? You do this by using Device Manager. But this cane be tideous if you have hundreds of hidden devices. In this blog, I will use Windows WDK to write a console program to accomplish the job.
Learning Django - Part 2
Django is a web framework using Python programming language. Using Django and an appropriate web server, you can build and host websites. This post is Part 2 of my learning Django project.
Learning Django
Django is a web framework using Python programming language. Using Django and an appropriate web server, you can build and host websites. In this post, I will record the steps as I learn.
Geometric Properties of an Elliptical Tube
In the analysis of elliptical tube secstions, we need to divide the tube section into a number of segments. The forces acted over the segment are then distributed onto the nearest finite element nodes.
Android OpenGL Texture and Animation
In this post, I will continue with the previou post to demonstrate Android OpenGL texturing and animation. If you have not followed my previous post, you should do so before continuing.
Android OpenGL Graphics Start Application
In this post, I will write a simple Android application to do Open GL graphics programming using Android GLES2.0. The development is done using Android studio. Therefore, if you have not installed Android Stuio yet, please do so by following the previous post.
Starting with Android Studio
With the recent release of Android Studio (out of beta), it is time to switch Android application development from Eclipse IDE to Android Studio. I am trying it out first and the procedures are not as straight forward as I would expect. Therefore, in this blog, I will detail the installation procedures to avoid some pitfalls for whoever reading this post.
jQuery Ajax Upload File into ASP.NET without FileUploadControl
A simple way to upload file into ASP.NET server is to use FileUploadControl. However, this is not very flexible. You may not have multiple upload controls. In this article, we will use the more flexible jQury/Ajax upload method on client side and ASP.NET HttpHandler on the serverside.
GNU Make Random Number and String Length Using Python
In GNU make, there appears no built-in function to return a random number, nor a function to return the length of a string. This utility gives ways to do both using Python.
Sharing Clipboard between Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) Using Python
This python program will allow the sharing of clipboard (cut/paste) between 2 work station running Windows and Linux.
C# Program to Alert IP Change of Broadband Router
C# Program that monitors router IP address and sends email alert if IP changes.
C# Local Function
C# local functions can be used in a method locally to repeat operations. It can access all variables defined in the parent method.
Introducing Speciality Base Plate Dsign Program
Dr Li Anchor Profi is an engineering design software specifically designed for column base plate design.
Android ADB Protocols
Describes Android ADB protocols with programming details.
Stiffness Matrix Formulation
Describes stiffness matrix formulation for the analysis of plate bending.
Triangular Element for Plate Bending - Part 2
Describes strain and stress calculation for a simple triangular element for thin plate bending.
Triangular Element for Plate Bending - Part 1
Describes the implementation details of a simple triangular element for thin plate bending
Area Coordinates
Area coordinate is used in the formulation of 2D triangular elements for Finite Element Analysis. This is often used in plane stress and plate bending analysis.
Expensive Christmas Tree
A real Christmas tree made from a cut off pine tree top with details of how to construct the supporting legs.
VC++ How to Allow Only One Copy of a Program to Run Using Mutex
On occasions, we want only one copy of a program to run at a time. Here we show one of the ways to solve the problem using mutex.
How to Check If a Point Is In a Rectanle or not
Shows an algorithm that checks if a point is inside a rectangle or not. The rectangle can be in any orientation.
Water Melon or Marrow ?
Pictures of a vegitable that looks like water melon but tastes like marrow.
How to Fix "Multiply Defined Functions" when Mixing C/C++ and MFC Static Libraries
At times, you want to have your MFC application in a single EXE file. Then you need to link MFC libraries statically. Visual Studio will give link errors in this case if you are also linking some C/C++ libraries. This post details the work around to fix the problem.
Structural Calculation
Structural calculations for beam, column and foundation of a house extension.
Android Fastboot Protocol
Fastboot is a protocol to flash Android devices. This post describes the main features of the protocol and implementation details.
Structural Design of a House Extension
One of my friend is extending the house. I am doing the structural design work and at last put my knowledge as a structural engineer into use. This post lists a selection of the design output.
Approximate an Arc by Line Segments
Given an arc with known center, start and end point, get a series of line segments to approximate the arc.
New Asynchronous Programming Model(async and await) in VS2012
Visual Studio 2012 introduces a new model for asynchronous programming. This blog uses a simple example to show the workings of the new model.
Funny Marrows
Pictures of funny marrows from the alotment.
Pictures from Shanghai
Pictures of Shanghai sky-scrapes, Shanghai snack food and "bottle beggers"
"Crisis" in Chinese
Thoughts on the word "crisis" in Chinese that literally means "Risk and Opportunity"
Runway Protection Surfaces for a German Airport
Show images of runway protection surfaces for a German airport.
Parsing XML File in Python
A brief introduction to XML. Then shows how to parse XML file in Python.
Freezing Leafy Vegetables
Vegetables are best eaten fresh. However, often when in season, there are too much to finish. This blog shows how to freeze leafy vegetables.
Python Plugin for Visuial Studio 2010
Introduces the Python Plugin for Visual Studio 2010
Making a Fish Tank Food Trap
Often, when you feed the fish, the fish food flakes float around on the top of the tank and can get into the pump. Here is a quick way to make a trap to contain the flakes.
Basics of UEFI and Secure Boot
This blog aims to give a concise introduction to the basics of UEFI and Windows support for UEFI.
Integrating Mercurial Source Control into Visual Studio
Shows how to integrate Hg Mercurial source control tool to Visual Studio
Extending Garden Shears
Easily extending garden shears with uPVC pipes so that it can reach further.
Setting HTML 5 Canvas Transformation Matrix
Shows how to set the HTML5 canvas transformation matrix directly to increase performance.
Common Tasks for Tortoise Hg Mercurial Tool
Documents some common tasks of TortoiseHg for source control.
Setting up Hg Mercurial Simple Server
Shows how to install Hg Mercurial source control tool. Set it up to serve a single repository. The repository can then be accessed remotely.
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