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Structural Design of a House Extension


One of my friend is extending the house. I am doing the structural design work and at last put my knowledge as a structural engineer into use. This post lists a selection of the design output.

Front View of the House

3D View of the Roof Structure

The black part are the existing roof structure. The green/red part are the extended roof structure.

3D Drawing of the Roof Structure
This drawing shows the grid lines, dimensions, members and member sizes. Normally, structural drawings are expessed in 2D. However, with mordern computers and sophiscated software, 3D drawings are becoming available.

2D Floor Plan Drawing
This drawing shows a typical floor plan. All red beams are steel beams required due to the removal of internal walls.

Section View Showing a Roof Truss
Trusses are normally required at regular interval in a roof structure.

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