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Expensive Christmas Tree


A real Christmas tree made from a cut off pine tree top with details of how to construct the supporting legs.

The Design and What's Needed

What's needed
  • Drill
  • Hand saw
  • Screw driver
  • Screws
  • Pine tree top
  • Large twigs for natural looking
Construction Steps
  1. Collect some twigs. Ash or willow will be good. I used ash twigs
  2. Cut 3x500mm twig as legs, ends at 45 degrees
  3. Cut 3x330mm twig as side braces
  4. Cut 3x200mm twig as base struts
  5. Drill a hole on one end of all legs. This will make it easier to screw later on
  6. Drill holes on both ends of side braces, in same direction
  7. Drill holes on both ends of base struts, in orthogonal direction(one end vertical, the other end horizontal)
  8. Place the tree horizontally on a bench or chair
  9. Screw the base struts to the tree bottom
  10. Screw top of legs to the tree at 180mm above the tree bottom
  11. Screw the base struts to the legs at mid-point of the legs
  12. Finally screw side braces to the legs
The Finished Tree

*** END ***
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