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Common Tasks for Tortoise Hg Mercurial Tool


Documents some common tasks of TortoiseHg for source control.

Clone Repository and Sub-repository
  • Install Tortoise Hg. This is a Mercurial Source Control UI Tool. The installation includes Hg Mercurial.
  • Go to the folder where you’ll place the new projects using the file explorer.
  • In the explorer window, right click the mouse button and in the context menu, select [TortoiseHg] -> [Clone]. The “Clone” dialog box appears.
  • In the “Clone” dialog box, copy and paste the source project address into the “Source” edit box. Prefix your account name so the address looks like this: https://repository_url/
  • Click button [Clone].
  • If successful, this should create a repository folder on your local machine and all contents are copied from the server.
  • To add a sub-repository, clone the sub-repository into the main repository folder. Then create a file “.hgsub” in the main repository folder. The file should contain one line for each sub-repository, for example, SubRepoName = https://sub-repos_url
Push to Source Control Server
  • Add contents to your cloned folder. Add your project contents: class libraries, application, files etc. Or simply copy existiong contents to the repository folder.
  • To push the new files to the server, go to the local root folder of the repository and follow the instructions in the following diagram.
  • In the commit window, tick files you want to copy to the server. Do not tick files like .obj, .dll ect. Thee click [Commit] button
  • The above 2 steps add the files to the repository, but not pushed to the server. To push the files to the server, open Tortoise Hg Workbench. Click [File] -> [Open repository] -> Select repo folder -> click .
  • Now check on the server to see if the files are there.
Merge Changes from Source Control Server
  • Start HG Workbench, click the repository to merge
  • Select [Pull incoming changes from selected URL]
  • If you have any local changes, select [Merge]
  • Select [Update]
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