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Andrew's blogs cover many aspects of his daily life: family, social and at work.


This is his main professional area as a senior software developer in a leading high-tech company. His current daily work involves system integration of mobile phones and developing mobile phone applications. He also currently provides some aviation software consultancy to a UK company which involves complex 3D surface modeling of terrains and airspaces around airports.

In the past, he has mainly worked on engineering CAD systems, intelligent transport system. In particular, he developed a real time bus information system that uses GPS location and processes real time bus arrival information.

He has a great interest in web development, covering both client and server side programming.


He was trained as a civil engineer and has a PhD degree in Structural Engineering. Although he is not a practicing engineer, he maintains a keen interest in buildings and structures. His special interests in this area are bridges and tall buildings.


He is a keen DIY enthusiast, from decorating, carpentry to kitchen installation etc. Once he designed his own 2 storey house extension and did many of the building work.


Many of the gardening work are of necessity rather than interest. However, he maintains an alotment and enjoys growing vegetables.

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