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Runway Protection Surfaces for a German Airport


Show images of runway protection surfaces for a German airport.

Runway Protection Surfaces

The runway length(at the bottom of the greenish surface) is 1200m. The length of the long axis of the outer oval is 10500m. That of the inner oval is 8300m. The inner oval is a horizontal surface(pink) at height 45m above the runway. The brown surface between the inner oval and the outer oval is a conical surface that slopes up from the inner oval towards the outer oval at height 100m above the runway.

On each side of the runway, there are extra protection surfaces(the greenish surfaces) that slopes up. The longer red surface protects the landing approach.  The shoter red surface protects the take off approach.

The purpose of the protection surfaces is to make sure that within the protection area, no object, such as trees, building, towers etc, are above the protection surfaces.

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