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"Crisis" in Chinese


Thoughts on the word "crisis" in Chinese that literally means "Risk and Opportunity"

Learn from the Chinese, Face the Risks and Looking for Opportunities
= Crisis/Risks
= Opportunities

As in the above picture, in Chinese, word "CRISIS" has two characters. The first character means crisis/risks. The second word means opportunities. Therefore, it appears that the Chinese are more philosophical about crisis. Crisis is certainly a bad thing. However, crisis often brings challenges. Facing challenges, people will seek to resolve them. Solutions often give rise to new opportunities. So, bad things could become good things.

I came about these thoughts because a friend recently diagonosed with brain cancer and was given approximately 2 years to live. That's really bad. Everybody were shocked. The family of course reached the crisis point. The crisis made the family more united. All friends and relatives were very supportive. The children were studying even harder because that's my friend's wish. Of course, the crisis made my friend to think about life really seriously.

In another case, one of my friends were separated from her boyfriend sometime ago. They had been planning to buy a new bigger house and move together. However, the bofriend suddenly decided not to proceed and actually broke up the relationship. This was really a bombshell to my friend. Yes, it's a very bad thing. It's a crisis. However, this made my friend started to plan her life again. She started to look for a new job. With the new job came with the opportunity of independency and other benefits.

Some time ago, I attended a talk on global crisis facing mankind in the next 100 years. Some of the crisis are:

  • Global warming
  • Population explosion
  • Shortage of natural resources
  • Energy crisis
  • Mountaining governmental debts
  • Aging population
  • Poverty and illiteracy
  • Increasing numbers of natural disasters.

The speaker also talked about the positive trends:

  • Technological advances
  • Mankind is more prepared for crisis than ever before

His target audience are cooperative executives. He is advising multi-national companies on how to look for opportunities in these global crisis and aim to survive their cooperatives for the next 100 years.

How would you deal with the crisis when one occurs to you?

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