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Pictures from Shanghai


Pictures of Shanghai sky-scrapes, Shanghai snack food and "bottle beggers"


Blue sky is unusual in Shanghai nowadays due to heavy polution. Luckily, during my visit, I could see blue skies almost everyday.

Shanghai Snack Food and Ham

Various ham products on display in a shop stand. In addition to the normal pork ham, there are ham chickens, ham ducks and becon on display.

Various Shanghai snack food. These snack food are made fresh on the day. Some of them are sold and eaten hot. The food variety can vary depending on season.

Bottle Beggers

The two sacks are full of empty bottles.
"Bottle beggers" are a new generation of beggers. They collect recycling materials from street and dust bins. They then sell the recycling materials to Recycling Stations. China has a long history of recycling, dating back at least 50 years. It has a network of recycling stations where recycling materials can be sold for money. Almost everything can be recycled. You could earn a few pennies after your dinner by recycling the bones left on the dinner table.

The "bootle beggers" do a good job by keeping the city tidy and at the same time, earn an (albeit uncomfortable) living.

This begger sat on a pile of recycling cardboards. The bag placed in the front allows passersby to drop in empty bottles.

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